Sustainability & Ethics

Sustainability in fashion is constantly evolving. We use sustainable materials wherever possible and are committed to updating our fabrics & materials to the most environmentally friendly options as they become available. We utilize recycled fabrics to keep single use synthetic fabrics from ending up in landfills and natural fiber fabrics that are delicate on the planet and use less water to be created. Every fabric we use is also selected for it's quality and durability, ensuring a longer lifespan. 

Eco-Conscious Fabrics: 

    • Modal Jersey: is made from the wood pulp of beech trees which are a renewable resource and take much less water to produce. Modal Jersey does not pill, fade or shrink and is biodegradable. 
    • Organic Cotton: is more sustainable than conventional cotton to produce because it takes less water, uses less energy & releases less CO2 and doesn’t use any chemicals. It’s also more durable than conventional cotton because it is built with more care and attention  making the fabric itself stronger. 
    • Recycled Eco Techflex Distressed Foiled Spandex: is 75% recycled polyester made from recycled plastic water bottles. It’s durable, flexible, moisture wicking and does not fade or lose its shape. The fabric weight is also substantial, completely opaque and  comfortable.
    • Recycled Leather: saves discarded leather waste from going into landfills by reconstituting it and also decreases the amount of new leather being made. 
    • Wool & Silk: are natural fiber fabrics that contain no chemicals, are delicate on the planet to produce and are 100% biodegradable.

Labels and Thread:

Our clothing labels and thread are made out of recycled polyester.


Our mailers are made from 100% recycled post consumer plastic. The interior garment bags are compostable.  

Hang Tags & Cards:

Our hang tags are made from FSC-certified, recycled card stock that are 100% recyclable and home compostable. And our thank you cards are made from 100% recycled uncoated paper that are compostable.

Small Quantity Production: 

Our apparel is consciously made in small quantity volumes to reduce production waste with certain pieces being made to order only. 

Domestically Made: 

Everything is hand made locally in the USA by a couple of highly skilled seamstresses based out of Los Angeles, CA. This provides us with a high level of quality control and ensures acceptable working conditions.

Fair Wages: 

Everyone is paid a fair wage for their work. No sweatshop laborers.