About Us

Company Overview

The vision for Terra Siare began in September 2020 and was actualized in 2023.  It was an idea that flourished out of a necessity for change and an opportunity to make an ethical impact. An alternative style clothing brand for eco-friendly and ethically made apparel.  Proudly described as Eco-Goth, merging the needs of the planet with the creative need for expressive garments.  Resolving the conflict of having to choose between style and ethics.  Providing an option, that had not existed in the U.S, for the conscious consumer with an edgy style.  An activist spirit fuels our values to treat the earth and humanity with respect; resolving to do right by both. 

Terra Siare directly translates to "Earth Seer"; combining the Latin word for Earth = Terra and the Swedish name for Seer = Siare. Symbolically understood as "Earth Visionary".

Ethos Collection

The Ethos Collection is our first collection and was intended to set the stage for the values of our brand. Shortened from its original title: "Ethos of a Green Witch", its inspiration comes from the concept of a nature loving, powerful woman who has been ostracized from society. A feminine spirit can been seen in this collection as well as inspiration from shapes found in nature.  Curved, voluminous and eye-catching silhouettes encircle the wearer, giving a feeling of regal presence. Celestial imagery provides an element of magic while the color black indicates power, rebelliousness and mystery. An admiration for nature is represented not only in aesthetic but in the fibers of each garment, which puts this subcultural theme into counterculture action. The ethos of a green witch are environmental activism and women empowerment.

About the Founder

Gabby Ondrejech is the founder, owner & designer of Terra Siare. Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design from Kent State University. She studied abroad in Hong Kong and was taught conceptual techniques used in high fashion which has inspired many of her designs. In 2013 she moved to Los Angeles, CA, where she's still currently based. Her career has spanned 10 years of collective work experience as a designer in the fashion industry and a costume maker in the entertainment industry. With her experiences combined, she refined her skills in garment development and construction which were crucial to launching this clothing brand. The creation of which started as a one woman effort.